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VOIP- Voice Over Internet Protocol PBX Solutions


  • We are partnered with a VOIP PBX solution provider Star-2-Star Communications 

        •  What is it?       

            • Complete End-To-End approach is built upon a fully managed, blended architecture offering both the on-Premise IP/PBX and Business Grade Internet Phone services 
            • Unique, Next Generation, Fully Distributed/Fully Managed Architecture.
            • Star2Star Communications has developed the only true Fully Distributed Pure IP Business Communications Solution 


        • How Will It help My Business  
            • Savings of 40%-50% Cost Savings on your Telecommunications
            • Own Your Own Equipment- No More Seat Licenses. By combining good compression, call routing, traffic shaping from both ends along with our propriety monitoring and management system, Star2Star is able to shorten call routes, resolve problems, reduce latency, jitter and packet loss all with providing more calls across the same bandwidth with great sounding voice quality.

              Star2Star Dramatically reduces many of the expenses related to a company's equipment and service needs by including mission critical tools and services:

              Unlimited Voice Mail boxes
              Long Distance included
              Voice Mail to E-Mail
                  Unlimited Conference Bridges
              Full Duplex Speaker Phones
              Over Head Paging
              Call Center Applications
              Line Pooling- NEVER get a busy signal
              Built in Redundancy
              ONE Phone System, One Carrier, ONE BILL

              VOIP Technology is undoubtedly a leap in Telecommunications technology and is benefitting an increasing number of our clients

                Call us today to have for a free Analysis and let us demonstrate the benifits and the incredible power of VOIP Technology!